Lisa Walsh is a New York-based photographer.

Born in Chicago, she spent 30 years living and working in London where she studied photography at the School of Black and White Photography and Central St. Martin’s College of Art.

Her photography embodies a strong sense of shape and physical form, focusing on the hidden simplistic beauty of her subjects.

She is a meticulous darkroom printer. Because these images are not digitally manipulated, each silver gelatin print is unique and has a timeless quality.

2015 - Present:
Board of Directors, Baxter Street at Camera Club of New York

2014 - 2016:
Greater New York Chapter, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Communications Chairman

2006 - Present:
Fine Art Photographer

2000 - 2006:
Central St. Martin’s College of Art, School of Black and White Photography

1982 - 2013:
Lived and worked in London and France

1982 - 1988:
Financial Services, London

BA, Economics, Germanic Studies, Boston College

Solo Exhibitions

Art Bar, London

Group Exhibitions

David Gill Gallery, London

Fendi Flagship Store, London

School of Black and White Photography

I grew up in the 60’s surrounded by cameras and a family obsessed with taking pictures. Every moment was photographed… the first day at school, birthdays, the tooth fairy’s presents, holidays, the dogs, our neighbors, summer at the lake.

My paternal grandfather was a particularly prolific and a proud printer of all his negatives. While he worked with a variety of dark room equipment, I was drawn to his enlarger which for years became the prize of my toy collection. As a young schoolgirl, I found any reason to use the enlarger to produce image-based reports and projects. Printing became a fascination and my own obsession.

My family’s extensive vernacular collection of snapshots provided endless study and preoccupation. The snapshots, contained in volumes of books, were a fascinating insight into my family’s leisure time, circle of friends and way of life. It enabled me to connect with family and friends whom I never knew, but later felt I did.

My own photography began in much the same vernacular way. However, as it evolved, it became distinctly fine art focused. A brief career detour into the world of finance (The Chase Manhattan Bank - 6 years) brought me to London where I later went on to study photography at the School of Black and White Photography and Central St Martin’s College of Art. As I became more focused on the development of my own visual expression, my images started to embrace a strong appreciation for shape and physical form, contrasting light and shadow, which are still central to my work today.

I continue to shoot exclusively in black and white on film and in this digital world, I am proud to still exclusively produce silver gelatin prints.